Sylvan Valley Industrial Center: RFQ


Upfit and Expansion of the
Sylvan Valley Industrial Center

The Transylvania Economic Alliance, herein after, the Alliance, is hereby soliciting responses from interested architectural firms. All professional services will be procured through a qualification-based selection process, without regard to fee, in accordance with G.S. 143-64.31 and G.S. 143.64.32. The scope of work is described herein.


The Alliance is seeking an architectural firm to serve as the architect of record for the Sylvan Valley Industrial Center. Work will include design services related to the upfit and expansion of the Sylvan Valley Industrial Center. The Alliance requires development services for future upfit items related to the existing 60,750 square foot building and future expansion of the building on the undeveloped area of the site. This expansion is expected to add +/-40,000 square feet to the facility. The Sylvan Valley Industrial Center is located within the City of Brevard and Transylvania County at 21 & 61 Welcome Street, Brevard, North Carolina. The area is zoned General Industrial Conditional Use by the City of Brevard. The property consists of 6.94± acres and has frontage on Ecusta Road (SR 1512). The project will be funded by the Transylvania Economic Alliance.


  1. Preliminary Design Phase (Immediate need)
    1. Collect project criteria from the Alliance and verify programming elements for the space.
    2. Prepare conceptual design alternatives, layouts and corresponding preliminary budget guidance.
    3. Use preliminary design work to create visual still images of interior/exterior for marketing purposes.
    4. Be available for client visits and assist with future tenant/occupant questions and coordinate any future modifications to the preliminary design.
  2. Detailed Design Phase (Schedule TBD)
    1. Based on the approved Preliminary Design, prepare Architectural, Structural, Mechanical and Electrical Construction Drawings and specifications (project manual) for bidding and permitting.
    2. Include all necessary and required consultants’ documents into one package for bidding and permitting. Coordinate all disciplines with each other in order to deliver a complete bid package.
    3. Submit plans and specifications to local building authority for permitting and revise drawings to meet all governmental comments and revisions.
    4. Respond to all governmental reviews and revise construction documents accordingly. If project is being bid during this period, issue required addenda to all bidders reflecting any Construction Document changes.
  3. Bidding and Negotiation (Schedule TBD)
    1. Assist the Alliance in Invitations for Bid (IFB) and issue drawings and specifications for bidding purposes which includes preparing and distribution of bid package(s), as required.
    2. Attend construction pre-bid meetings, bid clarification meetings (as necessary) and pre-award meetings.
    3. Assist with bid evaluations (if required) and verify that contractor bids reflect the required scope of work.
  4. Construction Administration (Schedule TBD)
    1. Provide construction administration services including, but not limited to Request for Information (RFI’s), bulletins, change orders, submittal and shop drawing review, punch lists, etc.
    2. Attend weekly project meetings and provide support for coordination and scheduling issues.
    3. Perform job site visits at regular intervals, but no less than twice a month, to evaluate adherence to project plans and specifications. Job site visits should be timed in accordance with the Contractor’s Application of Certificates for Payment which the A/E will review and approve.
    4. Assist in resolving field problems and disputes in the most economical and expeditious manner possible with the goal of keeping costs at or below the budgeted amount.
    5. Assist with obtaining Certificate of Occupancy from local building authority as necessary.
    6. Collect “As-Built” information from the General Contractor at the end of the project and update the construction drawings to reflect the as-built conditions and submit the updated drawings to the Alliance upon completion of the project.


Four (4) copies of the submittals shall be made in an 8 ½” x 11” bound hardcopy format. Provide (1) electronic copy in pdf format on flash drive. Place all submittal materials in a sealed package with the project title clearly labeled on the outside of the package. Limit responses to no more than 14 one sided or 7 double sided sheets. Proposals more than 14 one sided sheets may not be considered. The submittal shall contain no less than the following:

  1. Cover sheet title: “RFQ: Upfit and Expansion of the Sylvan Valley Industrial Center”, Date, Firm name and contact information. Link to the firm website and/or optional supplementary information.
  2. Letter of introduction and interest stating specific project for consideration as defined above.
  3. Office, project manager and design team members and/or firms to service the project with biography of firm, team members and licenses and certifications. Flow diagram graphically representing team organization. Lead designer for each specialty must be clearly identified.
  4. A list of client references for which similar work has been performed.
  5. Reports or graphic illustrations of similar work performed.
  6. Completed E-Verify Affidavit.

E-mail and Fax submittals will not be accepted.


Responses to this RFQ are due at 4PM EST on April 9, 2021.

In selecting an architectural firm the selection committee should take into consideration qualification information including such factors as:

  1. Specialized or appropriate expertise in the type of project.
  2. Past performance on similar projects.
  3. Adequate staff and proposed design or consultant team for the project.
  4. Current workload and public projects awarded.
  5. Proposed design approach for the project including design team and consultants.
  6. Recent experience with project costs and schedules.
  7. Construction administration capabilities.
  8. Proximity to and familiarity with the area where the project is located.
  9. Record of successfully completed projects without major legal or technical problems.
  10. Other factors which may be appropriate for the project.

Virtual interviews and/or physical interviews are anticipated.

All submittals, questions, and inquiries shall be sent to:

Mr. Josh Hallingse
Executive Director
Transylvania Economic Alliance
147 East Main Street, Suite 301
Brevard, NC 28712
T: 828-393-4130

Any subsequent questions that arise should be sent in writing during the hours of 8am-4pm prior to April 2, 2021 to the Executive Director at the mailing or email address listed above.

Available Resources:

Drone Video
Geotechnical Report
E-Verify Document

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February 19 | Sylvan Valley Industrial Center: RFQ


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February 19 | Sylvan Valley Industrial Center: RFQ


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