NC Sales Tax Changes Create Opportunity for Electric and Natural Gas Bill Credits for Manufacturers

February 6, 2018

Without being too technical, most states provide some basic exemptions or exclusions from the standpoint of sales & use taxes on certain purchases made by a manufacturing companies. Some examples include: raw materials (ingredients or component parts), machinery used in manufacturing, packaging materials, and more recently in North Carolina electricity and natural gas used in the production process. In many states, North Carolina included, the definitions, rules and laws governing these exemptions change periodically. Over the past several years the method in which North Carolina applies sales tax to certain utilities and business classifications have shifted. If you are a manufacturer in Transylvania County and have been paying sales tax on certain utilities as part of your bill over the past few years you may be eligible for a credit towards your bill. Because many manufacturers use elevated levels of utilities for the production of goods/products this credit could be significant. If you would like to learn more about this credit, industrial businesses are encouraged to inquire about this effort with your electric and/or natural gas provider. If you have questions about how to begin that process please contact Eric Caldwell, Director of Existing Business Services to learn more. 

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