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KEIR Manufacturing, Inc.

David Watkins, Chief Executive Officer

Primary Address: 133 McLean Rd.
Brevard, NC 28712
Phone Number: 828-885-8444
Web Address:

Employment Range: 26-50

About Us:

Dedicated to providing productive solutions to challenging process improvements through the use of advanced materials.
KEIR makes to order industrial parts for customers world-wide.

Ceramic materials that can withstand 3,100 degrees without distortion, are impervious to acid, and have nine times the strength of steel.

Triaxially braided Carbon Composites that are seven times stronger than steel pound for pound.  

Product Description:

Ceramic Guides for Textile and Wire

Air Wipes for drying Wire and plastic extrusions

Carbon Composite Flyer Bows for Standing Cables
Ceramic Brick Extrusion Tooling

Ceramic Sandblast Nozzle

Ceramic Chemical Nozzles

Ceramic Furnace Components

Vitrified Abrasive Sticks and Stones: Dressing Sticks and Sharpening Stones

Industries served: Wire & Cable Manufacturers, Brick Manufacturing, Sandblasting, High Temperature Furnace Builders,  Textiles, Advanced Materials, Chemical Processing Machinery, Diamond Wheel Manufacturers, Precision Woodworkers

Certifications: Member of the AACCM (Association of American Ceramic Component Manufacturers) and the ACMA (American Composite Manufacturers Association)


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