Cost of Doing Business

Transylvania County compares well against markets around the country. The community is part of the Asheville MSA which ranks below many major U.S. markets.

Cost of Living Index

Asheville MSA

San Francisco



New York










North Carolina Taxes

Corporate Income Tax: Flat rate of 5.0% of net income allocated to the state.

Sales & Use Tax: 4.75% statewide with a local rate of 2.0% on transactions. The combined tax is not applicable to raw materials, containers, labels, packaging and shipping materials.

Franchise Tax: $1.50 per $1,000 and is applied to the greatest base determined as set forth in the law.

Inventory Tax: North Carolina does not impose a state property tax.

Exemptions: Inventories, intangible goods, pollution control equipment

Unemployment Insurance Rate: Wages subject to tax $21,400, minimum rate 0.0%, maximum rate 6.84%, new employer 1.2%

Local Taxes

Transylvania County Government maintains one of the lowest county property tax rates in North Carolina and the lowest tax rate in the Asheville MSA. Below is a breakdown of our local municipal tax rates.  

County & Municipal Tax Rates

Unit of Government

Tax Rate

Combined Tax Rate (per $100 valuation)

Transylvania County


0.4499 Transylvania County = $0.4499

City of Brevard


0.4499 Transylvania County + 0.4725 Brevard = $0.9224

Town of Rosman


0.4499 Transylvania County + 0.4100 Rosman = $0.8599

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