Board of Directors

Jeremy Owen, Chiarman, Heart of Brevard
Jake Dalton, Vice Chair, Town of Rosman
Amber Webb, Treasurer, At-Large Appointment
Mark Tooley, Secretary, At-Large Appointment
Dee Dee Perkins, Tourism Development Authority
Roger Frisbee, At-large Appointment
Angela Owen, At-large Appointment
Mack McNeely, Brevard/Transylvania County Chamber of Commerce
David Watkins, City of Brevard
Ruth Harris, Transylvania County
Carlton Murrey, Agriculture

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November 14 | A Pathway Forward: Business Park Expansion-Park Relocation Concept

Our current inventory of industrial sites is deficient and does not allow our community to effectively retain and/or grow a critical…(more...)

November 5 | Alliance Launches Video Storytelling Series

You are invited to join us for an online, video storytelling series highlighting the work and contributions of our local …(more...)

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